“The secret of getting ahead is getting started”


Live Online Sessions

  • Every session is a LIVE online session wherein I work with you in the comfort of YOUR HOME or any gym that you go to.

  • Will be designed with even the most simplistic minimal equipment to begin with.

  • Customized workout program designed for strength, training and mobility.

  • 12 sessions in a month.

  • 3 sessions per week.

  • 12,200 INR Per Month

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In Person Training
(4 Weeks)

  • Have the privilege of having an entire strength training studio by yourself to level up on your form and techniques, biomechanics with me only for one on one training sessions at PHOENIX, my gym studio (Nagpur)

  • Make use of High Quality Equipment.

  • 3 Sessions Per Week

  • 14,200 INR For 4 Weeks

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Customized Nutrition Plan:

  • Fully Customized To Your Goals.

  • Meal Plan with Meals that are Flexible and Easy to Follow around your time schedule.

  • Supplementation Guidance to enhance performance, recovery, fat loss, muscle gain.

  • 3 Months Nutrition Plan

  • Customized to your Lifestyle Preferences, Dietary Preferences and Medical Symptoms.

  • Consultations by me once every month on phone.

  • WhatsApp Support Daily Availability.

  • Perfect option to start your fitness journey.

  • 30,200/- for 3 months

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Customized Training and Nutrition Package.

  • 36 PT sessions virtual / in-person by me.

  • Customized workout program designed for strength, endurance, mobility.

  • Personalized 3 month Nutrition Consultation included.

  • Price : On request.