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The journey so far…


My passion for fitness started after I delivered my baby !!!

More known for my bodybuilding career, I am now a Certified Human Performance Nutritionist, Sports Nutritionist and a Strength Coach.

I thoroughly believe correct nutrition and strength training is the foundation to fitness , youth and optimal life performance .

Irrespective of what your profession is, the plan should focus on fueling you correctly so that you can live and perform at your maximum potential without any hindrances.

My journey to the sport of  bodybuilding , competing on several stages Nationally and Internationally was an  extension of my love for lifting weights at the gym.

This led my curiosity to educating myself deeper into Nutrition and Exercise Sciences.

My aim is to help and guide anyone who is seriously willing to transform his/her life for stronger and fitter version.

With my knowledge and experience , I look forward to educate people and bring clarity , busting all the myths people face about food and weight training.

Connecting here, my aim is to help you through my programs,  unfold your potential for a STRONGER and YOUTHFUL YOU!!!

Varsha Bhagchandani

Certified Fitness Trainer and Founder

Fitness Certifications:

Certified sports Nutritionist from ACE

Certified Human Performance Nutritionist from K11 school of Fitness Sciences.

Bodybuilding Achievements:

Miss Maharashtra 2017 (Gold)

Miss India 2017 ( Silver )

Miss India 2018 (Gold)

Represented India at IBBF Asian Championship, Korea.

Represented India at IBBF World Championship, Mongolia.

And Many More To Come...

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