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Looking for a professional, certified fitness coach that can offer you a tailor-made plan that is right for you?

The customized programs will ensure that you have a better quality of life with increased functionality and combat the  degenerative forces of aging.

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Nutrition being the most important factor towards your weight loss journey is sadly the most misunderstood and underrated aspect!

I will ensure that my customized  nutrition programs enable you to reach your desired body composition faster, without being stuck in the time consuming food scales, or any compromises on the taste of your favorite food.


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My programs are designed to improve your strength, endurance and mobility using simple, easy-to-learn functional workouts. Scroll below to learn more about my services, and see how I can help you maximize your time and efforts to get the results you desire.

Taking the first step toward change is often the hardest part of the whole process. I’m here to provide you with the motivation you need to keep striving toward surpassing your goals and unlocking your true potential. Browse my services below to learn about what I have to offer.


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"If there was ever a trainer who makes sure her clients perform each exercise and maneuver correctly, so as not to sustain injury, it's Varsha Bhagchandani. Varsha’s experience is extensive, but what she brings to her work beyond expertise is a real ability to listen to the needs of a client to help that person reach her goals in a safe and doable manner. Whether it's rehab or intensive training, Varsha helps you get it right, which is reassuring to anyone who doesn't want to develop bad exercise habits."

Surbhi Nayyar

"Varsha's technical skills, in-depth knowledge of human anatomy and physiology along with a very thought through approach to training makes me want to train more and more! She puts her soul into training me and what's really amazing is Varsha can make me feel a muscle, just by her funny and quirky ques, that I never knew existed! She trains not just an upper body or lower body .....she trains the human. I love working out with Varsha!"

Dr Suchika Gupta Deshmukh

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"Varsha's knowledge in exercise and nutrition helped me to lose weight in a fun and healthy way.

The exercises were easy to follow and the meals were both healthy and at the same time tasty!"

Shyam Advani

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"Varsha di is the kinda coach that sets out your gym plans as per your needs. Her focus is all about linking her skills and your needs together. There is always a new learning with her…Best part about her is that she gives those cues that you understand… and she is a pro in this… trust me you ace the form.. she focuses on your pace and supports you throughout❤️❤️ Her sessions are always informative.."

Jasdeep Kaur


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